Sunday, 24 May 2009

Painting a mural in public

I started a large commission this week, painting an outside wall of a school in London. The infant and junior school is situated in the Southall area of London and is right on the High Street, so the mural that I am painting is attracting lots of attention!

As you can see it started off as just a plain brick wall. It measures approximately 10ft high by 30ft long. Around the left hand corner it continues up to the main entrance for about 12 feet which shall also be painted and also the small wall to the right will be included.

I spent the first two days this week cleaning the brickwork and then painting it white to act as a primer. Having a white undercoat also makes the top coat colours brighter and more vibrant. The door was also stripped, sanded and then primed ready for painting.

After week one I have got most of the basic design marked out and started on the background colours and a few of the higher details. I like to start at the top of a mural and work downwards if possible. It's quite rare that I drip any paint these days but starting at the top eliminates the problem of dripping onto previously painted areas. The best thing about this job is the enthusiasm of the children who all seem really excited to be watching the mural develop!

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